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Every senior student will do a 5 - 7 minute presentation followed by the exit interview.  This presentation should represent most importantly "YOU" and highlight how you got to where you are today and where you plan to go tomorrow, i.e. college/university, trade school, military, work force, etc.  The presentation should be completed using Google Slides and feature "YOU" over the past four years.

Please include the following:   

BIO - tell us who you are.

ACTIVITIES - present activities. (sports, clubs, volunteerism, etc.)

HIGHLIGHTS - showcase accomplishments.

JOB SHADOW - highlight the job shadow experience.

NEXT CHAPTER - share the next step.

You may use multiple slides for each of the required sections, include photos/videos, make it something you are proud to present and BE CREATIVE.  The bottom line...if it is something that impacted your life we want to hear about it.  

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